Home Services

- Virus removal
- Operating system reload
- System optimization
- Hard drive cloning
- Data backup

- Memory upgrade
- Drive installation in enclosure
- Card installation
- Motherboard installation
- Migration to new computer

- Insurance damage assessment
- Power supply replacement
- LCD replacement
- DC jack repair/replacement
- Password recovery

Virus Removal: 

Is your computer running slower than usual or not responding at all?  Are you experiencing a lot of pop ups?  Are you missing files?  These could all be symptoms of a computer virus.


Have you noticed that your computer is not running as smoothly as the day you brought it home.  We can help with this by optimizing startup, running windows updates, testing hardware, and cleaning the dust from inside your computer.

Hardware Installation, Repair, and Replacement: 

Let our experienced staff take care of all of your hardware installation, repair, or replacement needs.  This includes:  drive installation, card installation, motherboard installation, power supply replacement, screen replacement, and DC Jack replacement; just to name a few. 

Memory Upgrade: 

You may notice a decrease in the speed of your computer over time.  This can sometimes be resolved with a simple memory upgrade. 

Data Recovery/Transfer: 

Your computer suddenly stopped working and you did not have a chance to back up all of your important documents and pictures.  Don't lose hope, bring your laptop, desktop, or external storage device in to us, we may be able to recover your data. 

Password Recovery: 

Has your computer been sitting a while and now you cannot remember the password.  Bring your Windows system into us and we will reset the password for you. 

Unable to bring your computer to us, no problem, we will come to you. We offer a wide variety of Onsite Services for your convenience. 


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