Pre-Purchase Contract

What is covered under the Pre-Purchase Contract?
Bits & Bytes Pre-Purchase contract will cover basically ANY technical labor service relative to your IT environment. We can consult, upgrade and service Network systems, Servers, Workstations and Peripherals as well as configure software. Bits & Bytes is a full service computer sales and repair center and we can take care of most of your needs. We can schedule regular visits for preventive maintenance or simply be available when you need us. Preventive maintenance will include the optimization of covered systems for ideal performance and ward against unnecessary repairs and defects caused by normal and customary use. We maintain operating system and anti-virus updates, check for virus infections, clean and dust computer cases and fans as well as check for mechanical or electrical failures and defects. We verify that your backups are being performed and are accessible. service, as needed, will be provided for Servers, PCs, Laptops, Printers, Peripherals, Networks, etc.

How Does the Contract Work?
That's easy! You will be invoiced for a "block" of time (minimum of $1495.00). A credit will be applied to your account in the amount of the purchase. Each service will be invoiced and applied to this credit. You will be supplied with a "Paid" invoice so that you can keep up with your credit balance. You will also receive a discounted hourly rate and waived trip charges while you are under contract.
Are all makes and models covered by the Maintenance Contract?
Usually. If we feel the need to exclude any of your equipment from the contract, we will let you know up front. You will be provided with a list of covered equipment for your records at your request.

What is NOT included?
Typically only parts are not included. They will be invoiced separately.